Connor Cassidy (born November 12, 1995) is an American recording artist, songwriter, producer, and performer based in Boston, MA. He is known for his unique style, aggressive demeanor, lyrical content, and charisma as a live performer.

At the age of three-years-old. Connor moved to New England from the city of Abu-Dhabi when his parents decided to raise a family near Boston, MA. His father, a professor of education, accepted a job at Harvard University while his mother, a court reporter, began working for the Boston court system. 

Growing up in Massachusetts, Connor took up a lot of hobbies at an early age. His first introduction to music came in 2006, when he was casted in the Broadway play Evita at the Colonial Theatre in downtown Boston. Years later, he would discover what would become the musical roots of his character: Hip-Hop, Rock-n-Roll, Blues, and Soul.

Across his younger years, Connor would balance life, academics, athletics, and employment with little thought of a career in music. He considered free-styling and writing as outlets of expression: ways that he could free his thoughts and keep his curiosity alive. Upon hitting the stage for the first time to an overwhelmingly positive response, this outlook would change.

After a series of successful live shows throughout the New England Area, Connor hit his first major roadblock as a performer. In early 2015, a polyp had formed on his vocal cords, cutting him off from any recording, live performances, and even conversation. He was devastated, and worked tirelessly to heal his voice to no avail. It was a slow process, one that kept him off the stage for over three-years.

During that time, he became the personal manager of close friend and colleague Kyle Bent, and would tour the country with him handling the business side of the music. He also received his Bachelor’s Degree in Finance from Northeastern University after transferring out of the University of Miami, served as a marketing representative for Universal Music Group, became a real estate agent in the Greater Boston Area, and got involved with several non-profits, including Big Brother Big Sister Mass Bay.

Just now regaining his voice, Connor has released his first single “Guillotine,” available worldwide.