Connor Cassidy (born November 12, 1995) is an American rapper, record producer, and talent manager from the town of Norfolk, Massachusetts.  He currently attends Northeastern University and manages Hip-Hop artist Kyle Bent. 

At the age of three-years-old. Connor moved to New England from the city of Abu-Dhabi when his parents of Syrian/Lebanese and Irish descent decided to raise a family near Boston, MA. His father, a professor of education, accepted a job at Harvard University while his mother, a court reporter, began working for the Boston court system. 

Growing up in New England, Connor took up a lot of hobbies at an early age. His first introduction to music came in 2006, when he was cast in the Broadway play Evita, and performed at Colonial Theatre in downtown Boston for several running weeks. It wouldn't be until five years later that he would hear his first Hip-Hop album.

In his freshman year of high-school, he discovered the works of J. Cole, Eminem, and Tupac Shakur in his dorm room, and fell in love with the culture. This translated into creating his own music and selling mixtapes throughout his high school and area. His freestyle ability would gain him his first real attention. 

Over the next four years, Connor would balance academics, athletics, and music while working early jobs as a janitor, paintball referee, parking attendant, videographer, and real estate agent. At the age of 18, he accepted an academic scholarship to the University of Miami, FL to study Entrepreneurship and music industry.

After a series of successful live shows throughout Boston and Miami, Connor hit his first major roadblock as a performer in early 2015. A polyp formed on his vocal chords; cutting him off from any recording, live performances, and long conversation. He was devastated, and worked tirelessly to heal his voice through prolonged silence, meditation, and various diet techniques. It was a slow healing process. It wouldn't be until two years later that he'd be able to start recording again. 

Just now regaining his voice, Connor plans to release his debut album in early May of 2017. This will document much of his life thus far and will mark the rebirth of himself as an artist, as a man, and as a leader.