Plot-line of the video is a mix of my life and Limitless (the movie). It’s focused on me: I play the role of an ambitious young man seeking success, influence, and power with more energy than those around me, but am yet to attain it. I take the limitless pill that allows me to access my full intelligence and tap my full potential, and the video is a transformation of where I am now into the role of a successful, affluent man with money, skill, success symbols, love, and self-mastery. The video captures the specific view-point of what it means to chase high levels of wealth in the city environment: luxury environments, out-growing relationships, self-discipline, enemies, more time with a woman than with friends, and the fruits of attainment (cars, money, clothes, food, respect, etc.)



Almost all scenes are shot in Boston, with the exception of the house (which is my house)

Selling A House

Scene of me selling the house to a rich couple: A famous DJ and his Girlfriend. Dialogue of me showing the house, asking him what kind of music he makes etc. He pays in all cash. I keep my composure but clearly feel the sting of not being successful: scene of me counting the money in the car, and going to get a cup of coffee after the showing. In the money he gave me, he included a jar of pills, with a note saying “Thank me in advance” and Chinese letters on it. I take one of the pills: it’s the limitless pill.

7 Grove Street, Norfolk MA

Penthouse: air bnb

Seaport Luxe Condos Studio 5

100 Pier Four Blvd, Boston, MA 02210, United States

Check in after 5 p.m. Sunday, leave Monday before 11 a.m. Access to Gym, Lounge, and Pool-Table. Could also be a good place to shoot me locking in with books + stock tickers, houses, etc.

Office environment


Diner Scene




Plays the role of a professional mentor to me: someone who’s showing me the game, checking me when I’m off-balance, and leading me to mastery.


Plays the role of a loyal, independent, confident girlfriend/partner as I go through the hoops of working super hard.


Friends who start with me on the journey towards success, and the circle gets gradually smaller.

Home buyer (DJ)

House Buyer (Singer)

Powerful CEO / Magnate

vehicles / Props

Subaru Impreza Sport

Subaru Impreza Sport

E-Class Mercedes Benz

E-Class Mercedes Benz


Goal is to capture the hustle, luxury, and chase for success in the city. Even footage of people out the window of car, downtown, could be really effective. Drone shots and/or stock footage of luxury districts of the city: The Financial District, The Seaport District, The Club District, Etc.