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To Whom It May Concern,

Below I’ve listed a series of my prior work projects across multiple industries that I’m most proud of. My hope is that they paint a near full picture of who I am as an individual: someone who strives for excellence in everything I choose to get involved in, someone who’s immensely passionate, and someone who is consistently learning and growing from experience.

The sections are divided into five categories, which reflect my work experience: Artist Management, Marketing, Creative, Sales, & Other. Each includes a brief description and visual aids.

Artist Management

From Jan. of 2016 - Jan. of 2019, I served as the personal manager of an urban rapper by the name of Kyle Bent. I was able to secure him a record deal with an indie label (Made In The Shade Records), get him over 10 million collective views across video content, garner over 100,000 monthly Spotify listeners, tour nationally on Joyner Lucas’s Savageville Tour, get nominated for a Boston Music Award for Best Music Video, play at Coachella and numerous other festivals, and build a social following of over 150,000 fans across platforms. From being his only personal, hands on manager, I learned the ins and outs of the music business from the ground level: how to market music, coordinate shows, secure team-members, book studios, attract record labels, produce content, and build a real fan-base that becomes an income.


Sold-out Boston show

I successfully booked and sold out Kyle’s hometown show on New Years’s Eve in Boston, MA for 1,000 people in Copley Square.


Savageville tour (2017)

I secured Kyle an opening performance slot alongside Hopsin, Joyner Lucas, and Token all across the U.S. on the 2017 Savageville Tour.


Boston Music Awards (2016)

Myself at the Boston Music Awards the night of Kyle’s nomination for Best Music Video and headlining performance.



While attending Business School full-time at Northeastern University, I served as a college-marketing rep for Universal Music Group in Boston, MA helping to break new artists in the market while increasing the visibility of established artists’ releases. I leveraged my network extensively to ensure the success of live shows, meet and greets, and promotional events both within and beyond my college campus, ensuring that nearly every show I covered was sold out. I also secured many local media reviews of Universal artists’ music and content, conducted extensive market visibility campaigns, and pitched creative initiatives to the management team.


Throughout my experience in music and business, I’ve always been hands on with content production. I would design websites/graphics for the artists I manage, direct/cast the music videos, produce the beats, help with the writing process, and overall contribute creatively. The following are videos, photos, songs, and graphics I’ve produced, directed, written, and designed.



Graphic design


While in college, I served as an Executive Assistant to the CEO of a Miami-based PR firm (The Pinnacle Agency), as well as sold residential real estate as a Licensed Massachusetts Real Estate Agent at Coldwell Banker: I sold a total of 2 houses and rented 25 apartments. Both were profoundly transformative experiences that taught me the importance of integrity, trust, confidence, team-work, and persistence.


Graduating Northeastern University


Economic-empowerment service mission in the Dominican Republic


My Little Brother & I, via Big Brother Big Sister Mass Bay

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Was chosen as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Scholar for outstanding academic achievement